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Six String Guitars

  1939 Ray Whitley Recording King Jumbo Guitar
  1938 Washburn Model 5249 Solo Deluxe Guitar
  1934 Martin D-28
  1934 Martin 000-45
  1935 Martin 000-28
  1937 Martin D-18 Sunburst Finish
  1903 Martin 00-42 Formerly owned and played by Mimi Fariņa
  Oahu Jumbo   Nick Lucas style deep body.
"Indian Head" Gold Leaf motiff. X-braced. Huge sound.
  For Sale = $4750.00
  1913 Gibson Style 0   A factory original experimental model
or perhaps a prototype or custom order - highly unusual

  1933 Martin for Paramount Style L Guitar  
  1930's Leomaster Guitar made for Paramount but probably not by Martin
  Another Leomaster Guitar !   This one slightly more conventional   For Sale - $5850.00
  Leland Brilliantone Guitar by Larson Brothers - Jumbo Thinbody ! !
  Howe Orme Guitar ca. 1899 #2535
  Howe Orme Guitar ca. 1898 #2082
  Kay Kraft Venetian Style C (Deluxe)

Tenor Guitars

  1927 Gibson TG-1 Florentine Tenor Guitar
  1931 Gibson L-2 T Tenor Guitar   For Sale - $9500.00
  1929 Gibson L-1 T Tenor Guitar with Nick Lucas style body  
  1928 Gibson Nick Lucas Model Tenor Guitar
  1933 Gibson TG-7 Tenor Guitar
  1950 Gibson L-7 T Custom Tenor Guitar   For Sale - $7500.00
  1955 Gibson ES175-D T Custom Tenor Guitar  
  1937 Martin 0-18 T Tenor Guitar Sunburst Finish
  1930 Martin 0-18 T Tenor Guitar
  1931 Martin 00-28 T Tenor Guitar   For Sale - $9500.00
  1932 Martin 0-18 T Tenor Guitar Sunburst Finish
  1929 Martin 1-18 P-S Five String Guitar (one of a kind)
  1930's Martin - Parmount Style L Tenor Guitar #160
  1930's Martin - Parmount Style L Tenor Guitar #120   For Sale - $2850.00
  ca. 1927 Epiphone Recording Style A Tenor Guitar
  Windsor Whirlie Tenor Guitar
  1928 Weissenborn Tenor Guitar   For Sale - $2195.00
  Slingerland May Bell Cathedranola Tenor Guitar ca. 1930's
  Ludwig Tenor Guitar ca. 1927
  1939 Vega Archtop Electric Tenor Guitar
  1953 Guild M-75 Bluesbird Tenor Guitar and Six String Guitar
  1955 Gretsch Duo Jet Tenor Guitar
Five String Tenor Guitars
** Tuned from the bottom up F C G D A **

  2010 Corrado Giacomel "Modele Banana" 5 String Tenor Archtop Guitar
  Two Tenor Stratocasters
  1930's Kalamazoo 5 String Tenor Guitar Conversion by Chris Berkov
  1934 Martin 5 String Tenor Guitar Conversion by Chris Berkov
  1931 Martin OM-18P 5 String Tenor Guitar Conversion by Chris Berkov
  1931 National Triolian 5 String Tenor Guitar Conversion by Joel Eckhaus
  ca. 1891 Howe-Orme Style 1 Cello Mandola 5 String Conversion
  5 String Tenor Guitar Walking Stick


  1933 Gibson Granada Mastertone Banjo
  1925 Gibson Granada Mastertone Banjo
  1929 Gibson Granada Mastertone Banjo  
  1925 Gibson TB-5 Mastertone Banjo
  1935 Gibson TB-2 Tenor Banjo
  1935 Gibson TB-11 with replica 5 string neck
  1933 Gibson RB-1 original 5 string banjo with Mastertone Label
  1937 Gibson Charles Mc Neil original 5 string banjo
  1939 Gibson ETB-150 Electric Tenor Banjo  
  1924 Paramount Style F Original 5 String Banjo   For Sale - $15,000.00
  A Pair of Paramount Style C   5 String Banjos  
  Paramount Original 5 String Banjo Harp
  Paramout Model R Wooden Top Mandolin Banjo Harp
  A Pair of 1920's Paramount Tenor Harps
  Paramout Guitar Banjo Harp The Collection of Paramount Banjo Harps is for sale to an interested collector.   Price:   $7900.00
  1928 Epiphone Concert Recording Original 5 String Banjo
  1927 B&D Silver Bell #1 Montana Special Mandolin Banjo  
  ca. 1937 Vega Deluxe Electric Tenor Banjo  
  ca. 1915 A.A. Farland 5 String Banjo with Metal Head
  Two "The Dayton" Banjos, 1 Five String, 1 Banjo Mandolin
  Another "The Dayton" Banjo, this one a 6 string guitar banjo.   For Sale - $2500.00


  1899 Stephen O. Allison Mandolin   For Sale - $4500.00
  1900 Martin Style 4 Mandolin
  1905 Gibson Artist F Model 3 Point Mandolin   For Sale - $6250.00
  1908 Gibson H-2 Artist Model Mandola
  1923 Gibson F-5 signed by Lloyd Loar dated July 9, 1923
  1924 Gibson H-5 Mandola signed by Lloyd Loar March 31,1924  
  1924 Gibson TL-1 Tenor Lute "Master Model"
  "Lil Pup" ... ca. 1929 Gibson "Special" Mandolin
  1916 Gibson A-4 12 String Mandolin
  1937 Gibson AC Century Mandolin
  John Paganoni Model B Mandolin   #8
  A Mandolin and an Octave Mandolin from Corrado Giacomel
  1935 ViviTone Electric / Acoustic Mandolin
  ca. 1900 Howe-Orme Style 6 Mandolin / Mandolinetto
  J.L. Orme and Son Mandolin ca. 1897
  ca. 1891 Howe-Orme Style 3 Tenor Mandola #300
  ca. 1897 Howe-Orme Style 1 Cello Mandola
  ca. 1897 Howe-Orme Style 1 Cello Mandola 5 String Conversion  
  1913 Shutt Professional Mandolin Style A #2   For Sale - $3200.00
  Shutt Professional Mandolin # 3 ca. 1914
  1912 Shutt Professional Mandolin Style 3 - Double Scroll
  1914 Shutt Professional Mandola Style D #2
  Paramount Model R Wooden Top Mandolin Banjo Harp
  H.Hammond Harp Mandolin   For Sale - $3750.00

Pairs, Trios, and Other Groupings of Instruments

  A Lloyd Loar Trio
  An F-4 Mandolin Quartet
  A Vivi Tone String Sextet
  A Pair of early Gibson ES-300's   For Sale - $11,500.00 for the Pair
  Several Round Bodied Wooden Tenor Instruments
  Seven Instruments by Rafaele Tieri
  A Trio of Slingerland Songster Six String Guitars
  A Pair of Epiphone Recording Guitars
  3 Epiphone Recording Instruments
  3 Gibson HG-20 Series Guitars ca. 1930 - 1932
  3 Kay Kraft / Recording King Gold Leaf Venetian Tenor Guitars
  Two Larks with Six F-Holes
  Two Faux Shutts (?)
  Double Datin' with Double Daytons
  Two fancy Sovereign Mandolins from the 20's by Oscar Schmidt
  A Trio of Howe Orme Guitars
  A Trio of Knutsen Harp Guitars
  3 Gibson Tenor Guitars TG-1, PG-1 and L-1 T
  3 Gibson Archtop Electric Tenor Guitars From EST -150 to ETG-150

Harp and Hawaiian Guitars

  1938 Bronson Honolulu Master
  Chris Knutsen Convertible Harp Guitar - For Sale $3750.00
  Chris Knutsen Double Point Terz Harp Guitar
  Shulz Harp Guitar ca. 1906 - August Shulz, Nurnberg  
  1930's Oahu Square Neck Hawaiian Guitar

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