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Six String Guitars

  1939 Ray Whitley Recording King Jumbo Guitar
  1938 Washburn Model 5249 Solo Deluxe Guitar
  1929 Gibson NIck Lucas Special  
  1913 Gibson Style 0   A factory original experimental model
or perhaps a prototype or custom order - highly unusual

  1934 Martin D-28
  1934 Martin 000-45
  1935 Martin 000-28
  1937 Martin D-18 Sunburst Finish
  1944 Martin D-28   For Sale - $58,500.00
  1903 Martin 00-42 Formerly owned and played by Mimi Fariņa
  Oahu Jumbo   Nick Lucas style deep body.
"Indian Head" Gold Leaf motiff. X-braced. Huge sound.
  For Sale - $4750.00
  1933 Martin for Paramount Style L Guitar  
  1930's Leomaster Guitar made for Paramount but probably not by Martin   For Sale - $3300.00
  Another Leomaster Guitar !   This one slightly more conventional
  Leland Brilliantone Guitar by Larson Brothers - Jumbo Thinbody ! !
  Howe Orme Guitar Style 5 ca. 1895 #2578
Top Of The Line
Howe Orme Guitar ca. 1899 #2535
  Howe Orme Guitar ca. 1898 #2082
  Kay Kraft Venetian Style C (Deluxe)

Tenor Guitars

  1927 Gibson TG-1 Florentine Tenor Guitar
  1931 Gibson L-2 T Tenor Guitar
  1929 Gibson L-1 T Tenor Guitar with Nick Lucas style body  
  1928 Gibson Nick Lucas Model Tenor Guitar
  1933 Gibson TG-7 Tenor Guitar
  1950 Gibson L-7 T Custom Tenor Guitar
  1955 Gibson ES175-D T Custom Tenor Guitar  
  1937 Martin 0-18 T Tenor Guitar Sunburst Finish
  1930 Martin 0-18 T Tenor Guitar
  1931 Martin 00-28 T Tenor Guitar
  1932 Martin 0-18 T Tenor Guitar Sunburst Finish
  1929 Martin 1-18 P-S Five String Guitar (one of a kind)
  1930's Martin - Paramount Style L Tenor Guitar #160
  1930's Martin - Paramount Style L Tenor Guitar #120
  ca. 1927 Epiphone Recording Style A Tenor Guitar
  Windsor Whirlie Tenor Guitar
  1928 Weissenborn Tenor Guitar
  Slingerland May Bell Cathedranola Tenor Guitar ca. 1930's
  Ludwig Tenor Guitar ca. 1927
  1939 Vega Archtop Electric Tenor Guitar
  1953 Guild M-75 Bluesbird Tenor Guitar and Six String Guitar   The Six String is For Sale - $5000.
  1955 Gretsch Duo Jet Tenor Guitar
Five String Tenor Guitars
** Tuned from the bottom up F C G D A **

  2010 Corrado Giacomel "Modele Banana" 5 String Tenor Archtop Guitar
  Two Tenor Stratocasters
  1930's Kalamazoo 5 String Tenor Guitar Conversion by Chris Berkov
  1934 Martin 5 String Tenor Guitar Conversion by Chris Berkov
  1931 Martin OM-18P 5 String Tenor Guitar Conversion by Chris Berkov
  1931 National Triolian 5 String Tenor Guitar Conversion by Joel Eckhaus
  ca. 1891 Howe-Orme Style 1 Cello Mandola 5 String Conversion
  1958 F.A. Thorp 5 String Solid Body Tenor Guitar with Bigsby hardware.
  5 String Tenor Guitar Walking Stick


  1933 Gibson Granada Mastertone Banjo
  1925 Gibson Granada Mastertone Banjo
  1929 Gibson Granada Mastertone Banjo  
  1925 Gibson TB-5 Mastertone Banjo
  1935 Gibson TB-2 Tenor Banjo
  1935 Gibson TB-11 with replica 5 string neck
  1933 Gibson RB-1 original 5 string banjo with Mastertone Label
  1937 Gibson Charles Mc Neil original 5 string banjo
  1939 Gibson ETB-150 Electric Tenor Banjo  
  1924 Paramount Style F Original 5 String Banjo   For Sale - $15,000.00
  A Pair of Paramount Style C   5 String Banjos  
  Paramount Original 5 String Banjo Harp
  Paramout Model R Wooden Top Mandolin Banjo Harp
  A Pair of 1920's Paramount Tenor Harps
  Paramout Guitar Banjo Harp   For Sale - $2750.00
  1928 Epiphone Concert Recording Original 5 String Banjo
  1927 B&D Silver Bell #1 Montana Special Mandolin Banjo  
  ca. 1937 Vega Deluxe Electric Tenor Banjo  
  ca. 1915 A.A. Farland 5 String Banjo with Metal Head
  Two "The Dayton" Banjos, 1 Five String, 1 Banjo Mandolin
  Another "The Dayton" Banjo, this one a 6 string guitar banjo.   For Sale - $2500.00


  1899 Stephen O. Allison Mandolin   For Sale - $4500.00
  1900 Martin Style 4 Mandolin
  1905 Gibson Artist F Model 3 Point Mandolin   For Sale - $6250.00
  1908 Gibson H-2 Artist Model Mandola
  1923 Gibson F-5 signed by Lloyd Loar dated July 9, 1923
  1924 Gibson H-5 Mandola signed by Lloyd Loar March 31,1924  
  1924 Gibson TL-1 Tenor Lute "Master Model"
  "Lil Pup" ... ca. 1929 Gibson "Special" Mandolin
  1916 Gibson A-4 12 String Mandolin
  1937 Gibson AC Century Mandolin   For Sale - $4500.00
  John Paganoni Model B Mandolin   #8
  A Mandolin and an Octave Mandolin from Corrado Giacomel
  1935 ViviTone Electric / Acoustic Mandolin
  ca. 1900 Howe-Orme Style 6 Mandolin / Mandolinetto
  J.L. Orme and Son Mandolin ca. 1897
  ca. 1891 Howe-Orme Style 3 Tenor Mandola #300
  ca. 1897 Howe-Orme Style 1 Cello Mandola
  ca. 1897 Howe-Orme Style 1 Cello Mandola 5 String Conversion  
  1913 Shutt Professional Mandolin Style A #2  
  Shutt Professional Mandolin # 3 ca. 1914
  1912 Shutt Professional Mandolin Style 3 - Double Scroll
  1914 Shutt Professional Mandola Style D #2
  Paramount Model R Wooden Top Mandolin Banjo Harp
  H.Hammond Harp Mandolin

Pairs, Trios, and Other Groupings of Instruments

  A Lloyd Loar Trio
  An F-4 Mandolin Quartet
  A Vivi Tone String Sextet
  A Pair of early Gibson ES-300's
  Several Round Bodied Wooden Tenor Instruments
  Seven Instruments by Rafaele Tieri
  A Trio of Slingerland Songster Six String Guitars
  A Pair of Epiphone Recording Guitars
  3 Epiphone Recording Instruments
  3 Gibson HG-20 Series Guitars ca. 1930 - 1932
  3 Kay Kraft / Recording King Gold Leaf Venetian Tenor Guitars
  Two Larks with Six F-Holes
  Two Faux Shutts (?)
  Double Datin' with Double Daytons
  Two fancy Sovereign Mandolins from the 20's by Oscar Schmidt
  A Trio of Howe Orme Guitars
  A Trio of Knutsen Harp Guitars
  3 Gibson Tenor Guitars TG-1, PG-1 and L-1 T
  3 Gibson Archtop Electric Tenor Guitars From EST -150 to ETG-150

Harp and Hawaiian Guitars

  1938 Bronson Honolulu Master
  Chris Knutsen Convertible Harp Guitar
  Chris Knutsen Double Point Terz Harp Guitar   For Sale - $4,500.00
  Shulz Harp Guitar ca. 1906 - August Shulz, Nurnberg  
  1930's Oahu Square Neck Hawaiian Guitar

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