Rafaele Tieri - Spring St. - New York
Working as a neighbor and during the same period as D'Angelico, Rafaele Tieri produced some wonderful instruments.
They all play and sound fantastic. Many have unique features for their time period.
Fine woods and workmanship are used throughout in addition to innovation.
Here are two round bodied resonated mandolins,one round bodied resonator mandola, one flat top guitar and one cutaway tenor guitar.

Tieri Round Bodied Mandolin - Asymetrical Resonator

Tieri Round Bodied Resonated Mandolin - Asymetrical Resonating Chamber with Holes of Increasing Diameter

Tieri Round Bodied Long Scale Mandola - Asymetrical Resonator
Instrument and photos courtesy of Eric Schoenberg

Tieri Bowl Back Mandolin - Big sound - great setup - No cracks but one crunch
But it's totally solid and an extemely playable and good sounding mandolin

Tieri Carved Top and Back F-Hole - 2 Point Mandolin
Flame maple back, sides and neck - Clear bright sound - great setup

Tieri Cutaway Tenor Guitar - Ladder Braced - Big Bold Sound

Tieri Flat Top Guitar - Ladder Braced - Huge Sound -

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