3 Gibson Tenor Guitars from the late twenties - early thirties
The one on the left is a standard TG-1 with the 12 3/4" Lower Bout,   23" scale length,
and 15 frets to the body.
Numbered on the neck block # 92   58
In the middle is a PG-1 plectrum guitar of the same body size but with a 26 1/2" scale length and
a generous 17 frets to the body ! Number #96   25
Then on the right we have what was likely a special order. No markings other than
# 93   62 on the neck block. 13 9/16" lower bout.   Body is 4" deep at the
lower bout !! Yep... a Nick Lucas body with a 12 fret tenor neck.   23" scale.
All three have the Mastertone style banjo inlay on their pegheads and very similar sunbursts and wood.

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