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    Corrado Giacomel Mandolins
    Corrado Giacomel makes mandolins in Genova Italy that are, in my not so humble opinion, il migliore - the very best.
    He also makes the "Modele Banana" Five String Tenor Guitar that I play.

    Acoustic Disc - The place for great acoustic music.
    And the home of the Tone Poems CD's

    David Nelson and Banana and The Papermill Creek Rounders
    Banana and David Nelson Play Bluegrass Music with outstanding bay area bluegrass musicians.

    Carmel Music
    Dexter Johnson makes wonderful guitars and finds really good Vintage ones too.

    Mandolin Cafe All things mandolinish.

    Elias Howe Company Boston, Massachusetts, ca. 1898
    A link to an informative site about Howe Orme lore.

    Larson Creations Robert Hartman's authoritive site about the instruments of The Larson Brothers

    Harp Guitars A Fantastic site devoted to Harp Guitars - Thanks to Gregg Miner

    TablEdit Tabulature Editor A Tablature software program with a vast library of tunes available through the Comando Community and Mandolin Cafe

    The Tone-Gard
    A highly useful innovative device for mandolins. Check it out.

    Vintage Instruments in Philadelphia
    Knowlegeable folks with lots of good instruments.

    Musurgia Fine, Rare & Peculiar Musical Instruments and Collectibles
    Steve and Peter know their stuff and are nice folks.

    Vintage City Guitars, Joey Sheets is a nice guy.
    You won't find prices on the high end cool stuff though.

    A Great Lap Steel info site

    Mike Holmes' site with lots of valuable information about banjos and other stuff too.

    The Barry "The Fish" Melton Band (Banana plays in it)

    The Michael Barclay Blues Band (Banana plays in it)

    Custom Inlay work Bryan England does beautiful Custom Inlay Work

    Dr. Ducks Great instrument polish and other accessories. And jokes too.

    Just Strings All kinds of strings online. Mandocello, even!

    Humbeads Map of the World The definitive world map from the early sixties.

    Musicians Workshop Lots of instruction DVD's, books and CD's and various other useful items.

  • Mandolins
  • Banjos
  • Steels , Slides & Ukes
  • Mandolas
  • Flat Top Guitars
  • Solid Body Electrics
  • Mandocellos
  • Arch Top Guitars
  • The Museum
  • Tenor Guitars
  • Resonator Instruments
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